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Finding the Japanese Macaque -1st February 2024

BH Wildlife Consultancy over recent days have been working alongside Royal Zoological Society Scotland (RZSS) to help locate the missing Japanese Macaque that escaped from the Highland Wildlife Park on Sunday 28th January.


We can confirm that our drone pilot Ben Harrower located the missing monkey this morning (1st February 2024) at a location near the village of Insh, which allowed a team from the Highland Wildlife Park to tranquilise the monkey and capture it safely.


Ben Harrower the owner and founder of BH Wildlife Consultancy said, “While on site at the Highland Wildlife Park today, we received a call from a resident in the village of Insh saying they had seen the monkey in their garden at their bird feeders.”


“We made a quick dash to the location and put the drone in the air. On first sight we were unable to detect anything on our thermal imaging other than a pheasant and a few Roe deer. After 10 minutes of searching, suddenly the thermal imaging picked up movement on a roof, and there he was. He was very well hidden under an alcove on a roof.”


“We stayed tracking the monkey’s movements who wandered around the roof several times. After 20 minutes of monitoring, a team from the Highland Wildlife Park were able to get into position and successfully tranquilise the monkey and bring him to safety.”


Over the last 5 days we were able to track the monkey’s movements with the information we had been provided by Keith Gilchrist. During this time the furthest know location he was spotted was 6.5km from the Highland Wildlife Park. The location he was captured was 2.3km from the park. We estimate over the 5 days he’s travelled up to 20km – at least.

BH Wildlife Consultancy were delighted to help The Highland Wildlife Park and we thank the public for providing the intel that helped to recover the monkey safely.

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