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About Us

Our Story

BH Wildlife Consultancy was established by Ben and Katie Harrower and was set up to meet the interest and demand in the fast developing thermal drone technology and its capabilities for use in wildlife data collection.


Ben Harrower has spent his whole career on conservation and wildlife management projects across the UK as well as international projects. Work has included everything from strategic deer management to beaver reintroduction projects and bird surveys. 

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All of our drone operators are fully qualified pilots holding GVC and A2 certification and are experienced at flying in a variety of terrains and environments. We take pride in working closely with clients to provide a bespoke service for what their needs are and manage all aspects of the job from start to finish. We have worked with a range of species and are able to tailor how we operate to suit the project that we are working on whether that's large landscape scale projects by deploying a team of our pilots or a discreet operation to look for endangered species.

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BH Wildlife Consultancy is honoured to have won Confor's 2023 Research and Innovation Award alongside Forestry and Land Scotland and also one of Royal Scottish Forestry Society's 2022 journal awards for best article.

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