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Locating the Japanese Macaque by Drone - 30th January 2024

BH Wildlife Consultancy over recent days have been working alongside The Royal Zoological Society of Scotland (RZSS) to help locate the missing Japanese Macaque that has currently escaped from the Highland Wildlife Park since Sunday 28th January.

We can confirm that we located the missing monkey this afternoon (30th January 2024) at a location near the Highland Wildlife Park.

Ben Harrower the owner and founder of BH Wildlife Consultancy said, “Over the last two days we have been helping RZSS with their rescue mission to find the missing monkey.”

“Despite the sun making it difficult for our thermal imaging to work effectively this morning, we were able to locate the Japanese Macaque this afternoon.”

“The Macaque looks in good health and we will continue to support RZSS and the Highland Wildlife Park to help with the safe return of the monkey.”

We ask the public to continue to follow the Highland Wildlife Park advice. Keith Gilchrist from the Highland Wildlife said, “As with yesterday, we’re asking locals to please bring any obvious potential food sources like bird feeders or food waste inside, as we’re hopeful that the monkey will return to the park if he can’t find food elsewhere. Although the macaque is not presumed dangerous to humans or pets, our advice is to not approach him but to contact our hotline on 07933928377 with any sightings.”

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