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Highlights of 2022!

It was back in July 2022 when we finally took the plunge to go full time and it has fast become a dream job for us - weather and setbacks aside! We never expected it to take us to the places its has and from speedboats to ATV's to hiking it has kept us well challenged on how to complete drone operations in a vast array of landscapes. Currently we are travelling back from the Isle of Mull from one of the last jobs of 2022 with the family.

We have worked with and met hundreds of interesting people involved with wildlife and land management across the UK. Since July we have counted over 15,000 deer with Fallow deer interestingly being the dominant species we’ve surveyed.

Our work also has included counting several hundred feral goats across England, Wales and Scotland as well as a few isolated populations of wild boar and even wallabies. Other species are starting to feature more and more and 2023 has already got a few really interesting projects lined up including our first international project.

2023 will see us expand our capacity in drone services and offer different products and packages to our clients. We are constantly upgrading our systems and equipment to really push this fast evolving method of surveying wildlife and like being able to tailor our services to suit the variety of requests from our clients

We are looking forward to 2023 and everything that it brings. Wishing you a good New Year when it comes and all the best for 2023!!

Katie and Ben Harrower

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