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Wild Boar Surveys

We have undertaken a number of jobs across the UK surveying for Wild Boar (or Feral pigs as they are sometimes referred too). The drone has proved to be an extremely useful tool at finding them even in thicket forest. The video below is an excellent example of a wild boar sounder detection. The lack of a thick coat on boar/pigs mean they are particularly obvious when looking through the thermal camera due to the amount of heat they omit. This sensitivity means you can pick them up in thick vegetation easier than other species, such as sheep that have a thick wooly coat.

To date we have detected wild boar populations in Scotland, Wales and England and look forward to some landscape scale counts for the coming season including work in Europe. 

Wild Boar captured by drone

This footage show just how hard Wild Boar are to identify with the naked eye but with the help of the thermal drone they are easy to locate and count. This footage is all filmed at the same time but three different cameras are used to switch between thermal, zoomed in and wide angle.

For more information on drone surveys for Wild Boar please get in contact with us below.

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