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Drone pilot setting up drone before flight.

Drone Surveys

BH Wildlife Consultancy has specialised in counting a wide variety of wildlife in all types of habitats and woodland structures using the latest in thermal imagery and drone technology. Our team of ecologists and drone pilots are fully insured and experienced in using thermal imagery drones and GIS mapping. Outputs of our surveys include high quality images, detailed distribution map and a report of our findings. The images are time/date and location stamped so that the complete survey has a full accurate evidence trail. 

Whilst deer make up the bulk of our surveys, we regularly cover other species such as feral goats, wild boar, wallabies and other species of interest such as rare birds. The turn around time for this data is within one week of the survey making it the quickest way to obtain a snapshot of the population.

Selection of Thermal Drone Footage

By far the most popular species we work with. We have experience with all six wild species in the UK and have undertaken large landscape-scale counts. 

Red Deer Assynt Aug 2023.JPG
Wild Boar in Heather

Wild Boar are typically elusive and are difficult to spot. The thermal drone is an excellent tool to locate and count them without causing them any alarm.

Feral Goats often prove difficult to get an accurate foot count due to their preference of living in hard to reach places. The drone has revolutionised the accuracy of counts with its ability to easily get to the challenging locations.

Feral Goats on hillside
Underwater Drone in the water.

Our newest drone survey we offer utilising underwater drones to photograph and video a variety of species and habitats. 

People we work with

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