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View of a Loch from the drone.

Dashboard, App and
GIS Mapping

Dashboard, App and GIS Mapping

BH Wildlife Consultancy utilises mapping and app based systems to allow accurate and live data collection in the field. This platform has proved highly popular when witnessed by clients that we have started to offer packages to organisations wanting to adopt this digital way of data capture. 

Dashboard image showing data gathered.

The main benefit of using bespoke apps is the live capture ability and the automatic upload on to the interactive mapping dashboard. This system removes the need for paper, does not rely on signal and greatly improves accuracy of the data. 

During field collection, the data is automatically uploaded to a cloud where it is displayed for further analysis and map creation. Innovative ways our systems can display this data include 3D mapping, heat maps and statistical analysis using. ​

3D Maps

3D map showing data gathered.
Heat Map showing displaying data gathered.

Heat Maps

Current applications that we have available include wildlife monitoring, bird survey, herbivore impact assessments and wildlife management. Each with their own unique fields that capture all the relevant data live in the field.  If you would like more information on how these apps could benefit you or your organisation please get in touch.

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