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Deer Surveys

Deer drone thermal census is our main area of work and have successfully conducted hundreds of surveys for a number of organisations and on all types of terrain. We have established long term contracts with many of the large landowning organisations which ensures we operate and delivery to the highest levels at all times. 


Depending on the timing and season the survey is conducted, we are able to accurately identify species, gender, age class of deer and even how deer utilise a site. We have worked with 11 different species of deer in the UK in both the wild setting and in deer parks.

Roe deer in pre thicket

With deer generally being crepuscular or nocturnal, it has historically proven to be difficult to produce accurate population counts - particularly getting figures that draws consensus across different landowners. The latest drone technology has revolutionised the ability to gain accurate census data quickly allowing land managers to make informed choices that are backed up by photographic evidence. At BH Wildlife Consultancy we aim to get the maps and data back to the client within five working days of the survey.

We offer two different packages for deer drone surveys:

1. Basic deer survey package

where a simple minimum count is required and the main output is a map showing the population within a defined area. These areas are typically smaller in size (< 500 hectares) such as woodland creation areas where you just need to check if deer have breached the fence. This survey is not suitable for large complex sites or sites with multiple species. The main outputs include:

  • Clear aerial map showing locations of the deer.

  • All imagery transferred across using a cloud based program.

2. Full Comprehensive survey package

This package allows for comprehensive analysis including the following:

  • Report analysing the findings - distribution and range of all deer recorded. 

  • Clear aerial map showing locations of the deer.

  • All imagery transferred across using a cloud based program.

This package is suitable for any area and is not size dependent. 


For more information on either package get in touch with us to discuss.

Sika Stag detected by thermal drone
Example of how the drone is used to detect stags

Below is a video showing the detection ability of the thermal imaging sensor and the high quality of the HD super zoom. This clarity allows easy identification of wildlife present as well as being able to work out sex ratio, fecundity (whats the ratio of adults to juveniles) and distribution/range. The video below was taken at the same moment in time using the three cameras housed on the drone attachment. 

We tailor each drone job to the requirements of the client and the landscape so get in touch with us to discuss what you would be looking for in the contact us section below.

Sika Hind looking up at drone
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