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Goat Surveys

Feral Goats are excellent candidates to be accurately counted by drones as they are typically hard to count using other methods due to their favoured habitat of rocky cliff faces.  The thermal drone is able to reach places that are very challenging for someone on foot.

Goats on cliff face

BH Wildlife Consultancy have undertaken a number of feral goat surveys covering all three British mainland countries.  The imagery from the drones proves extremely useful in working out the population dynamics. Also in previous counts where one goat may have been counted with a hand held thermal device; when the drone is zoomed in to look closer it turns out to be a nanny with kids, therefore three goats instead of one.

Feral goat on a hillside spotted with a thermal drone

For more information on goat counts and our different methods we employ to accurately do this please get in touch on the contact us section below.

Contact Us

Have a particular wildlife challenge you’re trying to deal with? Please contact me to discuss how BH Wildlife Consultancy could help.

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