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Drone flying over the North West Highlands.

Wildlife Drones and Consultancy Services

BH Wildlife Consultancy offers a host of services centered around wildlife and woodland management.

The company has been operating since 2016 and has aimed to be at the forefront of the latest methods and technologies to aid understanding of wildlife within our environment. One of our unique services is thermal imagery drone surveys to aid woodland and estate managers to establish a baseline of wildlife present, in particular deer, boar and feral goats.


Our services can simply record and display data through survey or we can provide a fully tailored report with recommendations. An example of this would be a professionally written wildlife management plan coupled with a thermal imagery census and herbivore impact assessment as the core evidence. 

Our Services

Any or all of the following topics can be tailored to each client depending on the need and objective.

Roe Deer viewed through a thermal drone

Using the latest drone technology, we have the ability to count deer and other wildlife over different habitats and at different scales. This technology is transforming our understanding of the background deer population and helps inform a suitable management plan.


We offer bird surveys  and Herbivore Impact Assessments for a host of clients such as construction firms, woodland creation sites and general landowner interest. 


We custom build spatial platforms for displaying and analysing a variety of wildlife data sets, such as, impact and census data. These systems include app based collection tools and comprehensive online dashboards.

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"BH Wildlife Consultancy’s work on Bedford Estates has been extremely insightful. It has aided our deer management team at Woburn Deer Park as well as in the wild by providing a layer of confidence and accuracy when making decisions, with the detailed imagery allowing thorough analysis of each species. We look forward to continuing our work with Ben and the team."

Deer Department,

Woburn Deer Park, Bedford Estates

People we work with


We are proud to be an official supporter of the Saving Wildcats project.

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Have a particular wildlife challenge you’re trying to deal with? Please contact me to discuss how BH Wildlife Consultancy could help.

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